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  • Better than a movie? These 16 board games will liven up Friday Family Night.

    Better than a movie? These 16 board games will liven up Friday Family Night.

    Family game night can be fun and educational! Teach important concepts about the natural world in intuitive ways that you simply can’t get from a textbook.

  • Movement & Concentration

    Movement & Concentration

    Do you ever find your children contorting into pretzels on the floor in the middle of a history lesson? Are wrestling matches between children and stuffed animals ever a part of your reading time? Does the constant fiddling with everything in reach ever detract from your math lessons? Here’s what you can do. Movement and Concentration…

  • Redeeming the Mess

    Redeeming the Mess

    Have you blown it with your kids in some way as a teacher? Do you feel like there is no way to make anything beautiful out of that mess? Or are you so afraid of messing up that you consider not teaching your kids? Yeah, I’ve been there too. Here’s what I did about it. I…

  • Tangents & Rabbit Trails

    Tangents & Rabbit Trails

    You get plenty of interruptions during the day, but the most troublesome can come from your own child! What should you do? Mom: “So the x-axis runs horizontally, and the y-axis runs vertically. The coordinates are ordered pairs, because the order we list them in is important. If we mix them up, we will land somewhere different…

  • Slowing Down to Watch Bird TV

    Slowing Down to Watch Bird TV

    Some days, you just need to slow down, wash some dishes, and watch some TV. Bird TV. A meditation on mindfulness. Six or seven years ago, our dishwasher stopped working very efficiently. We found ourselves regularly prewashing or rewashing dishes, and rather than getting the dishwasher tuned up, we decided to wash all of our…

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