You’ll love the taste of this practical homeschool science curriculum!

Science is hard to fit into your busy homeschool day.

Lots of parents simply skip it. “We’ll do that next year.”

Or maybe you’ve done some random science unit studies, and you have the junk in the closet to prove it!

What if there was a science unit study that worked with you, instead of against you?

What if a science unit study left your family better off? Healthier—academically, physically, and spiritually?

Do you have a closet full of forgotten science “experiments”? Or did they go straight to your garbage can?

Are your students tired of memorizing disconnected science facts that have no application in their lives?

Do your students’ science studies reliably point them back to the Creator and Redeemer of everything?

What if there was a science unit study that left your family better off?

What if a science unit study made your family healthier—academically, physically, and spiritually?


Work together with your students on science projects that teach practical skills and add value to your lives.


Show your students how science knowledge directly benefits them and your whole family.


Go deep, connecting each subject to Jesus Christ as the central Creator, Redeemer, and King of all creation.

We know what it feels like to close the trash can up on yet another forgettable science “experiment”.

We’ve wondered, “Why do we even bother?”

We’re homeschooling parents too, and after limping from one science curriculum to the next, nothing seemed to fit us. So we decided to write our own.

We were tired of wasting time and money on experiments that were destined for the landfill, and we weren’t convinced that our son was learning a whole lot from the experience.

Don’t get us wrong—there are some really great science programs out there, especially Christian programs that faithfully point back to the Creator of all things. But too much of what we’ve seen still feels disconnected from real life.

We wanted a science curriculum that connected knowledge with hands-on interaction to teach practical skills.

Even more, we wanted a curriculum that turned science class into a parable for spiritual truths.

Start loving science class!

In Kitchen Counter Salad Science, you and your students will learn how to grow salad greens hydroponically on your countertop. You’ll watch plant biology literally come alive right in front of you, roots, stems, and leaves, as your students learn about the inner workings of how plants germinate and grow, and you’ll marvel with them at God’s power and creativity.

1. Buy it

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2. Teach it

We lay the lesson plans out in manageable chunks to fit your classroom style.

3. Enjoy it

When was the last time science class made your life better? How about tastier?

Presenting… Kitchen Counter Salad Science

Welcome to Kitchen Counter Salad Science. In this unit study, you and your family will learn about the fundamentals of plant growth by growing salad greens on your kitchen counter.

While the activity is ongoing, you’ll have decorative conversation pieces adorning your house. You and your kids will get to see things that are usually hidden from you underground.

Even better, at the end you’ll have delicious, nutritious greens to enjoy together.

In this unit study, your kids will:

  • Learn the science behind plant growth.
  • Engage in simple & delicious activities: growing, preparing, and eating their own salads.
  • Meditate on Scriptural connections woven through each lesson.

As the teacher, you’ll receive:

  • Full lesson plans, broken down into manageable chunks.
  • Lessons (and ideas) for engaging students of all ages.
  • Optional ideas for integrating with other subjects.

Sample Lesson Plan

Table of Contents